Monday, April 29, 2013

Piano Guys in Mongolia?

Well, not exactly.  We were walking one day by the Soyombo theater in Ulaanbaatar.  The owner was playing Youtube videos on the advertisement screen.  Guess what we saw!  The Piano Guys.  It was the video where Jon Schmidt and company were playing a song together on one piano.  It was crazy!

Anyway, I'm finally able to send some photos of our excursion to the Chinggis Khaan statue.  We got to walk out on top of Chinggis's head (about 13 stories above a 4 story building).  It was pretty cool.  It is such a new site that it isn't finished yet.  They plan to add a few hundred life-size horses and warriors on the lawn surrounding the monument.

I feel very fortunate to be here for many reasons.  I learned that a group of missionaries called to Mongolia last summer were not able to get visas.  They are still serving in an alternate mission.  In fact, our group was the first to have received permission to enter since February 2012.

The members of the Church here are awesome!  Most are first generation members, but some of the missionaries were baptized when they were 8 or 9.  So we are getting to the point where many adult members have been active most of their lives.  Their knowledge of the doctrine is deep, and they adapt to the Gospel culture very well.

April 19, 2013 was a great day to get baptized

Chinggis Khaan can't even see tiny Greg from his perch
Greg interacts with a display of future horsemen at the Chinggis Khaan statue

This is ... fun?  That eagle looks hungry.

Those are yaks back there

Tally Ho!

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