Monday, February 24, 2014

A Still More Glorious Dawn

A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits
By Joshua Sims

As I peer into the clear black sky,
The moon sits there ponderously--
A white crown perched on a black,
Profoundly black sea.
And I consider that mammoth globe,
Which circles us so endlessly,
Yet appears to be no more
Than a disk in the sky.
Imagine, then, all that lies beyond,
The hosts of stars countlessly
To light our night from the depths
Of infinite space.
There's so much more than we realize,
Waiting there beyond our reach.
Outside our familiar home,
Our terrestrial globe.
What glory, laud and honor lies here,
And gleams so bright--but temporally
Is naught but a spot in the scheme 
Of Infinite things.
"A still more glorious dawn awaits,
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise.
A Morning filled with
One thousand billion suns."*
When all there is to inherit comes
To those who served faithfully
That Lord who created our earth
And all that's beyond.
How many lives were spent and sold
For prizes that pass fleetingly
Enjoyed for but our life's day
And lost in the night.
It profiteth not to buy the world
And much less Wales for the price of the soul;
For what jewel can match in cost
Our infinite worth?
For should an empire span coast to coast
And even then beyond the sea,
It can't surpass the bounds
Of this Earth, its grave.
That joy and treasure that fills the soul
And quenches thirst eternally
Appears still at times to our earth
But a star in the deep.
How can that reward set aside for us
Outshining gold incomp'rably
Be valued but dross and exchanged
For pyrite of iron?
The pottage bought, the birthrights sold, 
The glee had so expensively,
The Empires of Dirt won and lost
Defy all recount.
And though when reckoned in such terms
The issue is mind-boggling,
How soon this perspective is lost 
For us on the earth!
Our world, in form, a bulging orb,
Is flat as far as we can see,
Not to mention the stars, 
Spots of white on a pitch black relief.
The sun has greeted every morn,
Yet man took ages to perceive
The sun's sheer magnitude and that earth turns
To show us each dawn.
"A still more glorious dawn awaits,
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise.
A Morning filled with
one thousand billion suns!"
And all that became of our mortal world,
The things we gained and gave up here,
Will be lost in the break of that great
Millennial day.
And how can we give mammon any care
When we see our Great Redeemer there,
Life restored, faith fulfilled,
And returned to Him Who gave life!
Then all the world's wrongs shall be cast away,
And we shall live Eternally,
Each new day of our life
A still more Glorious Dawn.

*Quote attributed to Carl Sagan. 

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