Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Joshua landed in Mongolia on Monday, March 4th.  His new companion is Elder Lloyd and his mission president is President Clark.  His new mailing address is the mission home.

Joshua wrote a short letter just before he left the MTC, clearly anxious to leave and be on his way.  He wrote: "If you want to know how I feel at this moment, just put on a suit coat and go sit in your room for three hours.  To know what I will feel like next week, go outside without a jacket and lay in the snow... Hey! Why did the missionaries cross the Pacific? To get to the mission on the other side!  Hah! Hey, what was Genghis Khan's favorite position in soccer?  Mon Goalie!  Wait, wait, where is the best city in the world to get Christmas pancakes? Julen-batter!  Sorry, that was lame.  Where is the grass actually always greener on the other side?  You-lawn-better! I had better stop.... A poorly planned pun is like the color purple: you were only half-ready so you blew it."

Anyone can tell Joshua was getting a little stir crazy, but then this is actually pretty classic Joshua.  He will write next week on his P-day.

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