Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mongolia is Great!

Mongolia is full of new and intriguing experiences, but it's great!  My companion is a good cook, and we have been experimenting with various ways to cook chicken, potatoes, peppers, and so on.  Our little kitchen is workable; our apartment was built in the Soviet era.

We have some great investigators, and I love teaching the Gospel. Our ward is nice.  I spoke on my first Sunday there.

So, being a missionary in Mongolia is complicated.  We live in the weirdest mission, I'd say. We can't proselytize in public, but we can teach in private.  Missionaries who are not native Mongolians are not allowed to go door to door or to approach people in public.  We have to be quiet when we are out and about, but we can teach freely when we are introduced to someone in private.  We do not talk about the Church when we are teaching English at our jobs.  The native missionaries are free to speak to strangers in public.  It's challenging because I want to talk to people, but the law won't allow it at present.  But, as the scriptures say, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  So everything we go through here is completely worth it for the people we do teach and baptize.  And nothing we have to do here is in vain, so long as we are working hard and doing our best.

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