Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference

We got to watch General Conference this weekend, a week later than everyone else because of the time difference. We American missionaries were able to get together to watch in English. This will be my last time watching Conference in Mongolia.

I liked a lot of the talks, but here are a few that stood out to me:

Elder Linn Robbins, who asked which way we face.
Ted Callister, who reminded me of important habits and priorities.
Elder Klebingat, reminding us to have confidence before the Lord.
Elder Craig Christensen, who taught about knowing the truth for ourselves.  A lot of speakers seemed to focus on the need for and power of personal revelation.
President Uchtdorf, whose talk on "Is it I?" was very powerful.
Elder Godoy, who talked about reaching our potential with the Lord's help.

And I could go on. I liked hearing the non-English speakers, but I would prefer to only hear them and to read subtitles rather than hear a translator.

Hey, look on page 3 of the October 2014 Ensign magazine.  You'll see a photo of a young girl praying.  The Book of Mormon on the bed is Mongolian, as is the girl!  Just thought that was cool.

I had an interesting thought during Conference.  The word "mission" comes from the Latin root that means "to send."  We send missionaries out all over the world.  But every member is also a missionary. How are we "sent" when we don't leave home?  We are sent to live in this world, this Babylon. We don't keep to ourselves or live in an isolated community, but we are sent into the world by the Lord to share the Gospel with everyone.  So, every member is a missionary! I hope to remember that when I leave my formal mission and return home.

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