Thursday, August 7, 2014

Farewell Choibalsan

I am back in Ulaanbaatar, back to Enktaivan Ward, where I served for six months last year! It was a little strange being back in my old ward, but it's great to see how people are doing. We are now 4 Elders in one apartment here.  Since we are all  North Americans, we ate at Pizza Hut last week (it's not far from our apartment)!

I did enjoy my time in Choibalsan and all the people we worked with there.  I have a couple of photos from my birthday excursion.
Mongolian horses on the Steppes. It's so remote and beautiful here.

The home we visited on my birthday.
The solar panel gives them electricity, so they can get Chinese TV. 

Last week, I thought of the spirit of contention that sometimes comes into many lives.... Sometimes we try to cast out contention with contention, but from Christ's teaching we can see how that is impossible.  Contention will never cast out the spirit of contention; only humility, love, charity, and the Spirit of Christ can do that. 

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