Monday, January 13, 2014

Doing Well

All in all, we are doing well.  Elder Hill and I are enjoying cooking some good food together.  It's getting colder, but at least the days are getting a little longer and that makes the work go better.

The work can be disappointing at times, especially when people aren't willing or able to follow through on their commitments.  We feel it is good fortune to start teaching a new investigator, and then they stop meeting with us or have to move or something.  I think I need to evaluate  my missionary skills to see where I can improve my work.  

We are looking forward to the Mongolian New Year (tsagaan sar) at the end of the month.  All the missionaries will be allowed to dress in traditional clothing as part of the holiday.  I bought a deel and can't wait to wear it.  I hope to send a picture if I can.

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