Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy Schedule

For a P-Day, I seem to be pretty busy!  I taught English classes from 10-2 and then did translation work for deaf members from 2-4. But that's okay. We do have a deaf investigator who is progressing toward baptism, and we are grateful for that.

I went to the countryside again on a training split.  It was far enough away that we spent the night--sleeping on the floor on some blankets.  It was a fun opportunity, but I'm realizing that being in the city all the time isn't so bad.

I was thinking last week about how the scriptures often speak of Christ as a Prophet, which might seem strange because Christ is more than a prophet; He is also the Creator and Redeemer.  Well, I considered that the root of prophet in Greek is pro phemi, which means "to speak in behalf" (of God).  Prophets fulfill this role throughout the scriptures, whether they are called as the president of the Church or are also a Seer and Revelator or, like with some Old Testament Prophets, just have a quick message to deliver.  But Christ is the Greatest Prophet.  For the duration of the Old Testament, He spoke on behalf of the Father and represented His Will and Divinity, directing the affairs of Israel and being for all effects the Father Himself.  When Christ came among the Nephites, the Father said that in Christ, He had glorified His Name.  He had given His name and authority to Christ throughout history and Christ had, of course, done exactly as the Father Himself would.  But in this light, it seems to me very fitting that Christ is called a Prophet, as no greater Being has ever spoken on behalf of the Father with more perfection.

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